Why I'm Not Having a TV When I'm Older

Let me start this off by saying that it's 11:06 at night and I just started what I was planning to do for the last six hours, which is posting on my blog. It's not that I don't want to, because I do, it's just that.. well... the TV has been distracting me.

My brain: WAIT! No! Not yet! I want to see what happens. Is Jack going to save the guy's life? Wait- oh! Maybe? Let's just watch one more episode...
(45 minutes later, one cup of sugar-free jello, a mint, two cups of MIO Fruit Punch flavored water, and all the tips of my fingernails peeled off-)... alright, alright, it's Friday, what the heck! I did this yesterday, but it's Friday. I'll stop watching Lost once half of the next episode is over.

And I did stop watching it.. once my parents came home from a dinner party, turned on the lights and filled up the house with positive vibes that killed the mood setting of the TV show I was highly focused on. So I turned off the TV, not hesitating, and assured to my mom that I won't have a TV in my house when I'm older. 


Here's why

1. If I add up all the time I spend watching TV during one day, it sums up to about four hours. 

I don't binge watch full seasons, and I don't skip homework or not have a job so I can be lazy all day. I'm actually not a lazy person. I hate not being productive. The problem is that whenever I have a break, I fill up that time with TV. I never actually relax-relax. I could read half a book in one day, learn a new song on the piano, take a bath, or meditate with the time that I have. But instead, I decide to spend it watching other people take care of themselves behind a screen. Hmmmm...

2. I end up eating a bunch of food, and wanting more, more, more.

It is possible to kick the habit of eating while watching TV, but I look forward to eating, more than actually watching TV. So, how about I go out for lunch with my brother, or eat outside on the porch, instead of not being mindful of what I'm putting into my mouth.

3. Whatever I just watched will set my mood for the next six hours.

Someone just died in the last episode of Lost? Well (*spoiler alert*), I hope I'll be okay walking around my super safe neighborhood, and that the "others" from the other side of town, if they even exist, won't kidnap me to their secret hatch on a different island... oh wait! It's not real. Phew!

4. After, I feel lazy and unmotivated to do anything.

Getting up from the couch to even put my dishes away in the sink is hard. Time for some burpees and jumping jacks to get back on track.

Bye, bye TV. I won't see you in another life, but, I'll see my friends and family that I decided to hangout with instead of with you (ooooh burn...). I'd rather be experiencing life than watching other people experience their own.


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