The Cure for Senioritis

I know you're reading this during class. Don't feel ashamed. You've got senioritis. I mean, that's why you searched online for a cure. I can also tell you that you are very proactive and want to fix things. So I know you'll take this medicine I'm about to prescribe you.

 Senioritis is the real deal, and it's offically hit me pretty hard. I thought that I had it last year, as a junior, but I was wrong. You haven't experienced this illness, actually defined in the dictionary, until you've experienced being stuck on your wooden chair listening to your teacher consistently
ask students to put their phones away. You're also done listening to the last unit of the year that we all know will be forgotten one year from now. You feel like you're dragging along, walking up the stairs, down the stairs, going up and down on the elliptical on the lowest level during gym, staring into space, and out the window on the sunny days, wishing it could be summer already. You feel hopeless, basically.

Hate to break it to you, but you are sitting in a puddle of mud, when you could easily get up and take a warm, hot shower with your brand new conditioner that you just ordered in the mail. What I'm trying to say here is that their's a cure to Senioritis. Still not following my metaphor? It's time you start choosing happiness by daily self-care (that's why I said a "hot" shower).

Here's the medicine that I'm prescribing to you: 

Create a list (we all love creating lists) and number it by how many days of school you have left. Next to each number, name one way you can treat yourself that day. Before I show you my list, click on the link below for a special treat from me:

Click: Mystery Gift

My Cure

Day 1: Get a manicure
Day 2: Buy a new piece of jewelry
Day 3: Go to an improv workshop 
Day 4: Play music on the porch
Day 5: Take a free music-producing class at Sam Ash
Day 6: Have an at-home spa day
Day 7: Grab dinner at Protein Bar and go shopping for weekly meal prepping
Day 8: Watch a movie at home 
Day 9: Plan a day a trip for this summer (I LOVE planning)
Day 10: Lay out in the sun on my porch and read a good book
Day 11: Ride my bike and explore
Day 12: Visit Chicago and explore (Wicker Park? Give me ideas in the comments)
Day 13: Host a pie-throwing party to help my friends relax from finals too
Day 14: Watch a YouTube video and learn how to put on a full face of makeup 
Day 15: Sing and play at an open mic 
Day 16: Go to an improv workshop
Day 17: Host a school-night, last-day-of required-by-law school sleepover
Day 18: Celebrate

So, basically, write down things you can do to get your mind off of school for an hour a day and to take care of yourself, because you love yourself. 


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