My 90 Day Summer Bucket List

Summer break is almost here! I can feel it in my home as the sunlight pours through my bedroom window, but then is stolen by the realization that half my days are taken over by the last few weeks of high school. Trust me when I tell you this, I am DONE with high school. When I get home, my mood is dropped since the start of the day for just sitting in class, when I could be writing music. Time wasted, seriously. Can't we get out any earlier? 

Rant is done.

I thought I'd stay positive (chuckle all you want) and feed my excited soul by writing down my summer bucket list. Yes, there aren't 90 of them, but how am I supposed to "read 10 books in 10 days" in 1 of the 90 days? You get the point. 

Ready? I am. Let's jump in *splash*!!!

1. Buy a boat.
 jk.. I caught your eye, though, didn't I?
2. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
3. Go on a day hike and bring snacks (Grab your backpack! Let's go! Jump in! Vamanos! I can lead the wayheyyy)
4. Sign up for a workshop at the Chicago Music School of Folk
5. Go to the Escape Game in the city
6. Run a triathlon
7. Visit Eataly
8. Join a parkour class
9. Interview people for my blog
10. Attend a self-promotion seminar
11. Host a picnic at the Osaka Garden
12. Get another tattoo 
13. Join a meetup group for songwriting
14. Workout six days a week
15. Eat at Goddess and the Baker (in moderation guys...)
16. Eat pie at Bang Bang Pie Shop
17. Read ten books in ten days
18. Climb a tree
19. Perform at an open mic alone
20. Perform an original at an open mic
21. Buy my dream guitar
22. Buy a camera
23. Go to an estate sale (how am I going to afford a camera AND a guitar? Thanks eBay)
24. Go to a nice open house and ACT like I'm a potential buyer (you never know who's wealthy nowadays)
25. Sign up for an acting class
26. Get asked to join an improv team (#determined)
27. Grow out my hair and ombre the ends blonde
28. Visit the New Buffalo beach
29. Lay out in the sun (with sun block) on the North Avenue beach
30. Ride my bike along the lake 
31. Go rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors, aka, the biggest rock climbing facility in the nation, which is less than an hour away from where I'm from, so.. BINGO
32. Wear a sunhat and eat lunch at a nice restaurant on a warm, sunny day
33. Get a six pack, finally, and maintain it 
34. Sign up for a cooking class
35. Netflix and chill...y, cold Halo Top ice cream every once in awhile
36. Plan out my dorm room
37. Take another flying trapeze class, once they move outdoors along the lake, where you can see the skyline :o
38. Any ideas? I'm pretty adventurous. Let me know in the comments below what else you think I should add to my bucket list. Dare me to go out of my comfort zone ;) 

Peace out, yo!


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