My Current Fitness Schedule

There are a lot of seasonal workout-es out there who are looking for a quick booty-lifting, ab crushing workout to get ready for laying out under the sun and palm trees. Nothing against wanting to look good, at all; however, my goals are as simple as this: workout to feel good, feel confident and be healthy. It's all about the gut and brain baby! But, of course, some tight abs and toned arms are... a GREAT plus!!!

Perseverance in working out is hard, especially when you've got a busy schedule lined up with school, friend, family, work and personal hobbies, plus, Netflix, if you're anything like me. I figured out a workout plan that works best for me, and it never seems boring.

I'm not a personal trainer, nor a student majoring in health, and I hope I don't come off that way, because I'm just a young woman, student, friend, sister, co-worker and hobbyist who is just trying to figure out balance as much as you are. I want to inspire you, as Oprah once put it, put yourself first (and the crowd gasped at Harpo Studios), because a jet ski can't run without gas.

Here it is:

*I walk one of my poodles every morning before school and on the weekends.*

Monday: 6:30am upper-body workout *45-60 minutes
Tuesday: 6:30am lower-body workout (click here for my go-to upper and lower body routine) *45-60 minutes
Thursday: 6:00 am Corepower Yoga class (Yoga Sculpt or Hot Power Fusion - it depends if it's Thursday or Friday) *60 minutes
Thursday: REST
Friday: 6:30am lower-body workout *45-60 minutes
Saturday: Kickboxing class at UFC Gym (cardio for the week, plus strength) *60 minutes
Sunday: Yoga class at Core Power Yoga, REST day or I walk around and explore the city (CoreRestore Candlelight - I use this class to unwind from my week and prepare for the next) *60 minutes

Note: I used to only workout a couple of days after school, when I had the time. I felt like I wasn't taking care of myself enough and was desperate to get back into a full-week workout routine that would't require me running around everyone, trying not to be late because of my workout. Also, I'm a senior in high school and have late arrival at 8:20am, so this gives me extra time to throw on my shoes, walk one of my little chickpeas (AKA my dogs), workout for an hour, make breakfast, shower and get ready for school. 

If you want to workout more than a couple days a week, like me, (CRAZY RIGHT?! Not really) then you HAVE to find a workout plan that you find fun. If lifting weights is not your thing, try a kickboxing class, or cycling, or swimming in Lake Chicago! There's also horseback riding, Zumba, dance, long-distance walking, flying trapeze (Yes, I have tried this. You'll get KILLER shoulders!!), and trampolining.

I also love the foam roller, which is proven to prevent cellulite, decrease stress, give you a natural face lift and make your skin glow. Stretching is a MUST. If you don't know what stretches to do, take a class (which is a thing now, by the way), or watch a YouTube video and find stretches that fit your needs and areas that you worked.

What are your fitness goals? A lifted booty? Tighter abs? Toned or muscular arms? Let me know in the comments!

Working out should be fun! Not a chore!


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