The Search For a College Roommate

So I just started trying to find a roommate a couple weeks back on RoomSync, a Facebook app that my college offers to new students to use as a filter for finding the "perfect" roommate. It doesn't really work, but I met some cool people, I think...

So far, after asking fifteen people if they want to be roommates, I've gotten three maybes, and zero yes's. I think I'm a little offended, but to play it fair, they have no idea who I am, and I have no idea who they are, so I guess asking only a couple questions isn't enough to pop the "wanna be roommates?" question just yet. 

Why It's Like Online Dating

1. First, I introduce myself and wait for a response. Did they read it? No. She better have not judged a wonderful book by it's cover. Why would she? I don't know.

2. I say hi to about fifteen different people and wait for a response. 

3. Does their description show anything we have in common? Can I see us compatible to live together a whole school year? It's hard to tell, but a small biography about them and a small explanation about their ideal roommate is all they're giving me.

4. They answered!! Okay. Now what do I ask. They said "Yup, still looking for a roommate." Me: "Where are you from?" Is this a creepy question? Nah. I need to know more about her before I decide that I like her.

5. I tell her where I'm from, then I ask her about her hobbies, what time she goes to bed at night and what time she wakes up (okay this isn't something you'd ask on a dating app). Does she workout? Does she wake up easily, because I'm an early bird? 

6. Then I pop the question, "Will you marry me?"

7. Just kidding. I ask her if she wants to room with me. I'm asking a complete stranger if she wants to live with me. What. The. Heck. This is awkward.

8. The most common response: "Not to sound rude, but I'm still looking around. You're easy to talk to so that's cool. I'll let you know later if [I like you]." Whatevs. I can live just fine on my own. 

9. The future: You give up on this dating site of a college roommate app and decide to sign up for the randomized roommate generator because, well, I'm not sure.

10. Please don't be a nightmare roommate, please don't be a nightmare roommate, please don't be a nightmare roommate.

All I'm asking is that she plays music, is not super introverted, is nice and organized. It's just one year. If I don't like my roommate, that's fine. I'll deal with it. 


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