Self-Care For Busy People

Self-care is important to me. On my 18th birthday in 8 days, I'm going to get a small heart tattoo on the right side of my wrist. I'm not sure what color yet, but this will remind me daily to make sure I make time for myself, whether that means giving myself a warm bath, taking a yoga class or doing my nails at night. You have time, believe it or not...

Make Time For It

1. Get off your phone!! Those ten minutes of surfing Instagram could be used reading a book or listening to music on your porch or balcony. Take your dog for a walk or lay out in the sun (with sunblock on, of course). A little phone time is okay, especially if it's part of your job. But, there are times where you sit in bed at night scrolling and in the morning for about ten minutes each. Add those minutes together - it equals 20 minutes that you could instead use for self-care. 

2. Sometimes I sit at home on the couch during my lunch hour, right after school for ten minutes and at night to watch TV. If I subtracted at least forty of those minutes to better quality breaks, my mind would be healthier to have a more productive day. Be disciplined with how much you watch TV. Remember when you were younger and the doctor set a recommended amount of TV time for you? It's about time you take charge of your own life and set your own guidelines, if you're not. Write down how many hours you want to spend a day watching TV. Now write down how many hours a day you actually watch TV. Turn it off ten minutes earlier every day until you get to your ideal time period.

3. Are you taking any breaks? According to Energy Project CEO Tony Schwartz, "Like time, energy is finite; but unlike time, it is renewable." In other words, downtime is not wasted time, rather, it's time that you take filling up your own gas tank. A car can't run without gas, and neither can you. 

Ways to Practice Self-Care

1. If you have some emails to answer back to, reply to them in the bath. Add a Bath Bomb or Epsom Salt. Leave a little time at the end to turn off your phone and breath.

2. 5-10 minutes of meditation in the morning before work or school, or during your lunch break. If you don't know how to meditate, I recommend the app Headspace that will guide you for ten minutes a day.

3. Before you shower, dry-brush your body from foot to chest. Start at your feet and brush upwards towards your heart. When you start on your arms, begin at your hands and work your way up. According to Goop, "the chest area is where the lymph system drains," so always work your way up your body, and end there.

4.Follow a 10-30 minutes workout video from Popsugar Fitness. Here's my favorite.

5. Read on your commute to work or school, if you take a train, bus or Lyft. Make sure it's positive or inspiring to set the mood for your day. 

6. Listen to Jazz or relaxing classical music and lay outside in the sun in your backyard, or the park if you're feeling courageous.

7. Eat an apple with peanut butter, or juice the smoothie bar instead of ice cream (beware of Jamba juice... if you do choose to go to Jamba, ask for a smoothie with almond milk, one banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter. All they have is concentrates, no fresh squeezed juice).

Just please, make sure to take care of yourself. Your body is your home for the rest of your life. Self-love starts with self-care. Eat healthy, workout and, perfect excuse, get a massage.


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