Dear Future Me

I hope you're pushy, determined and 100% done being timid. I hope you know what you want and become a successful business girl boss. You won't let others boss you around for long and you won't feel like you have to smile for everyone.

You will make music your whole life and create your own brand. You won't let anyone reel you into any of that fake perfect-person branding crap. People need to relate to you.

You will stay healthy and active, but you won't obsess hard over getting all organic produce and expensive superfoods until you can afford it. You'll be grateful for a bagel (hopefully whole grain becomes the same price as white bagels in your twenties). Your adventurous soul will only grow and you will look forward more than you look back.

You will have a sleeve tattoo with color and meaning that reminds you there is always possibility and hope. You will also not give a f*@& about what others think of you. You do you, boo.

You will try new things, face your fears daily and travel the world alone, with friends, with your husband and eventually your whole family. You will foster a couple kids and save lives in your loving arms.

You will add a travel section to your blog once you become independent out of high school, and it will become filled with plenty of new experiences each year. You will do all the budgeting you can to travel to new countries and unique places.

You will work hard and do whatever you can to make your dreams come true. You will read great books by those you want to follow, listen to podcasts, learn how to read a book a day, and watch inspiring movies and films.

You will collect inspiration from around the world and use it in your lyrics, your writing and your photography (and to decorate your beautiful home).

You will not trash talk anyone, especially your friends and family. You will remain loyal, kind, encouraging and wise in your relationships. You will encourage yourself to do your best and look back on your beautiful, 75% happy life from your balcony in Los Angeles.

You will stay one, not half, always. 

And you will love.

Your best friend, currently sitting in your senior, high school creative writing class,

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