10 Ways I Regain Motivational Energy

You're tired after a condensed day, so you take a break, lay on your couch, scroll through Instagram for twenty minutes for motivational inspiration. And, you can't find anything yelling at you through your phone, telling you what to do and how to get off the couch and finish the tasks you have left for the day. Or, maybe you drank a cup of coffee, even added some coconut oil to make the caffeine energize you faster. Yet, you're still slouching on your office chair, sifting through emails and not having the motivation to start any projects. Overall, you're tired, and you can't seem to lift up the droop under your eyes that's blocking you to work hard and stay focused for the remaining time of the day.

Ways I Regain My Motivation 

1. I like to listen to Lush And Atmospheric, a playlist on Spotify, which gets my head in the focusing game after a nap or long break.
2. Shameless Maya on YouTube reminds me to keep my head down, prayers up, and my creativity switch on.
3. Speaking of creative juice. Austin Kleon's book, Steal Like an Artist, inspired me to look for inspiration.
4. Reading positive and inspiring books. Biographies and memoirs of public figures I want to follow is a must.
5. Making Oprah, a podcast about how Oprah changed the minds of millions. I actually just finished the three, hour-long episodes, so let me know in the comments which motivational podcasts spark your ideas and peak your motivation.
6. Buddy and Khalid on Spotify get my energy jumping in the afternoon, and on the way to work in the car.
7. I don't drink caffeine; I actually have more and leveled energy without it. So I like to drink a glass of water or grab a can of sparkling Spindrift when I'm ready to start working. Spindrift, flavored with only fruit purees, help when I just finished eating lunch or a snack and want to kick the cravings. 
8. If I've been in the flow of working for hours and forgot to eat, well, this one is obvious, I make a healthy lunch or dinner to eat. My go-to recipes? A Brown Rice Sushi Bowl and... (find out here).
9. On a cleaning or get-stuff-done day, when I bake, my find focuses and I'm ready to launch into my next task after the healthy muffins or double chocolate cake is done (or while they bake in the oven).
10. Working out in the morning is a MUST. It sets me up with positive energy for the day and clears my mind so I can see all the good happening in my day. If I work out during the day, I tend to get off track for about two hours because then I have to get ready again and add time to make a protein shake, instead of adding more protein to my breakfast.


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