Why I'm Not Having a TV When I'm Older

Let me start this off by saying that it's 11:06 at night and I just started what I was planning to do for the last six hours, which is posting on my blog. It's not that I don't want to, because I do, it's just that.. well... the TV has been distracting me.

My brain: WAIT! No! Not yet! I want to see what happens. Is Jack going to save the guy's life? Wait- oh! Maybe? Let's just watch one more episode...

The Cure for Senioritis

I know you're reading this during class. Don't feel ashamed. You've got senioritis. I mean, that's why you searched online for a cure. I can also tell you that you are very proactive and want to fix things. So I know you'll take this medicine I'm about to prescribe you.

 Senioritis is the real deal, and it's offically hit me pretty hard. I thought that I had it last year, as a junior, but I was wrong. You haven't experienced this illness, actually defined in the dictionary, until you've experienced being stuck on your wooden chair listening to your teacher consistently

My 90 Day Summer Bucket List

Summer break is almost here! I can feel it in my home as the sunlight pours through my bedroom window, but then is stolen by the realization that half my days are taken over by the last few weeks of high school. Trust me when I tell you this, I am DONE with high school. When I get home, my mood is dropped since the start of the day for just sitting in class, when I could be writing music. Time wasted, seriously. Can't we get out any earlier? 

Rant is done.

I thought I'd stay positive (chuckle all you want) and feed my excited soul by writing down my summer bucket list. Yes, there aren't 90 of them, but how am I supposed to "read 10 books in 10 days" in 1 of the 90 days? You get the point. 

The Search For a College Roommate

So I just started trying to find a roommate a couple weeks back on RoomSync, a Facebook app that my college offers to new students to use as a filter for finding the "perfect" roommate. It doesn't really work, but I met some cool people, I think...

Self-Care For Busy People

Self-care is important to me. On my 18th birthday in 8 days, I'm going to get a small heart tattoo on the right side of my wrist. I'm not sure what color yet, but this will remind me daily to make sure I make time for myself, whether that means giving myself a warm bath, taking a yoga class or doing my nails at night. You have time, believe it or not...

Dear Future Me

I hope you're pushy, determined and 100% done being timid. I hope you know what you want and become a successful business girl boss. You won't let others boss you around for long and you won't feel like you have to smile for everyone.

You will make music your whole life and create your own brand. You won't let anyone reel you into any of that fake perfect-person branding crap. People need to relate to you.

10 Ways I Regain Motivational Energy

You're tired after a condensed day, so you take a break, lay on your couch, scroll through Instagram for twenty minutes for motivational inspiration. And, you can't find anything yelling at you through your phone, telling you what to do and how to get off the couch and finish the tasks you have left for the day. Or, maybe you drank a cup of coffee, even added some coconut oil to make the caffeine energize you faster. Yet, you're still slouching on your office chair, sifting through emails and not having the motivation to start any projects. Overall, you're tired, and you can't seem to lift up the droop under your eyes that's blocking you to work hard and stay focused for the remaining time of the day.