Dear Future Me

Dear Future Daisy,

I hope you're pushy, determined and 100% done being timid. I hope you know what you want and become a successful business girl boss. You won't let others boss you around for long and you won't feel like you have to smile for everyone.

10 Ways I Regain Motivational Energy

You're tired after a condensed day, so you take a break, lay on your couch, scroll through Instagram for twenty minutes for motivational inspiration. And, you can't find anything yelling at you through your phone, telling you what to do and how to get off the couch and finish the tasks you have left for the day. Or, maybe you drank a cup of coffee, even added some coconut oil to make the caffeine energize you faster. Yet, you're still slouching on your office chair, sifting through emails and not having the motivation to start any projects. Overall, you're tired, and you can't seem to lift up the droop under your eyes that's blocking you to work hard and stay focused for the remaining time of the day.

My Current Fitness Schedule

There are a lot of seasonal workout-es out there who are looking for a quick booty-lifting, ab crushing workout to get ready for laying out under the sun and palm trees. Nothing against wanting to look good, at all; however, my goals are as simple as this: workout to feel good, feel confident and be healthy. It's all about the gut and brain baby! But, of course, some tight abs and toned arms are... a GREAT plus!!!

Favorite Morning Workout Routines

I thought I would share with you my go-to workouts for every morning, before school, that I can do in my room (I don't need any fancy equipment, besides dumbbells). I picked up two of my favorite moves from Selena Gomez's personal trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, that have toned my booty and arms SO WELL and SO FAST. Beware, it will hurt once you get further into the reps, but it is well worth the pain of beautiful hard work.

If the arabesque kickbacks and arm circles are two easy for you, add more reps, or

What I Eat in a Day as a Flexitarian

This topic has been a popular trend lately, so I thought I would share with you what I eat in a day... as a flexitarian. For those of you who don't know what a flexitarian is, it is someone who is a semi-vegetarian, eats a LOT of vegetables and occasionally adds meat to their salads (usually chicken or fish). Also, this past month I have been going through a cleanse, not consuming: